Why Us

Provide industry-leading productsobtain excess value for customers.

Core Competitiveness

Soft Power

Standard equipped with
CircuitCAM7 and DreamCreator

Chinese and German R&D

Graphical User Interface

Intuitive, Smoothl,
Easy operation

Hard Power

Patents & Certificates

High-precision detection equipment

The factory is equipped with sophisticated testing equipment to ensure the best quality before shipping.


Accurate and detailed determination of wavelength and fine structure of spectral lines


Measurement of inclination

Photochrome Plate

Precision compensation

AOI/SPI Fixture

Calibration target

Pre-sale & after-sale


“one-to-one” coaching for customers, in-depth understanding of the product ;  The product manager makes corresponding solutions in time

  • Quote within 24H
  • Proofing speed within 48H
  • Proofing report, synchronized within 48H
  • Support video inspection
After-sales service

“Nanny-style service” takes care of customers in an all-round way, and sets up a 24-hour service hotline 400-0755-003

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