Special Shaped Plug-in Machine

Special Shaped Plug-in Machine is a new type of mechanical equipment, specially used to automatically install special-shaped plug-ins onto target components. It greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of plug-in work, while also reducing the difficulty and difficulty of manual operation. Error rate. Automatic Special-shaped Plug-in Machine uses motor integration to install various special-shaped plug-ins, such as capacitors, inductors, connectors, etc., accurately and quickly into predetermined positions.

Máquina enchufable automática de forma especial

Automatic Special-shaped Plug-in Machine is an advanced mechanical device designed for automated installation of special-shaped plug-in. This machine greatly promotes the automation process of plug-in work, improves production efficiency and reduces labor costs. The working principle is that according to the preset programs and parameters, the machine can automatically complete a series of operations such as plug-in identification, capture, positioning and installation, without manual intervention.

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