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3C Electronics Industry

With the progress of science and technology, the popularization of the Internet and the improvement of people’s living standards, consumer electronics products such as mobile phones, TV, MP3, computers, tablets, cameras and wearable smart devices are subtly changing people’s lives.
Because of the huge market demand, the consumer electronics industry has maintained rapid growth every year, and involves a wider range of product fields and industries.
Rich new consumer electronics products are showing consumers the new concept of “digital life” from all angles, bringing people a refreshing and comprehensive enjoyment.
In the continuous new wave of consumer electronics, the more refined appearance, small volume, thin thickness, more environmentally friendly materials, and lower carbon manufacturing technology are the goals of the major manufacturers.
And as an advanced processing technology, laser boosts the continuous progress of the new process, making many traditional processing technology difficult to complete or even can not complete the process problems solved.

Typical Application

In the field of consumer electronics, the common laser applications are: laser precision marking, laser drilling, laser welding, laser cutting, laser deep marking

Precision marking

Mobile phone shell marking, panel glass marking, charger precision marking, headphone cable precision marking

Precision Cutting

FPC / PCB cutting, mobile phone motherboard cutting, camera module cutting, reinforced glass cutting, sapphire cutting 

Precision Welding

FPC welding, IC precision welding, VC motor welding

Precision Drilling

Receiver microphone laser drilling, HDI drilling, flexible circuit board guide through the hole, glass drilling, ceramic drilling

Customer Income

Low cost

3C manufacturers especially OEM / EMS manufacturing manufacturers, mainly by production benefits, reduce manufacturing process, reduce consumables is the target of these manufacturers, and the laser belongs to the contactless processing, thermal influence, small processing area, flexible way, no consumables, can greatly help manufacturers to reduce process, reduce the cost.

Become the mainstream

Due to the versatility and process foresight of laser, the application of laser process in the 3C industry has changed from the optional process to the current mainstream application; especially under the premise of precision machining, the traditional printing, stamping, CNC and other processes have been unable to meet the increasing processing demand.amping, CNC and other processes have been unable to meet the increasing processing demand.

Application Case

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