Auto and motorcycle hardware industry

At present, 50~70% of the auto parts in European and American developed industrial countries use laser processing technology. There are mainly: laser cutting and laser welding (about 60%), laser drilling and marking (about 19%), laser surface treatment and research and development (about 15%) in recent years, China’s automotive industry laser technology has gradually been paid attention to and promoted, in the project development and economic benefits showed a rising trend. While the process of global automobile intelligence is accelerating, the advanced technologies represented by laser technology are also constantly promoting the upgrading of the automobile manufacturing industry.

Typical application

In the field of automobile and motorcycle hardware, the common laser applications are: laser precision welding, laser cutting, laser mark engraving

Precision marking

Automotive tire laser fine marking

Precision Cutting

Automotive metal parts cutting

Precision Welding

The welding of automobile gear

Customer Income

Improve the functionality and styling sense of the car

Improve the overall performance of the car

Meet the needs of various automobile processing

Reduce the cost of automobile production

Application Case

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