Biomedical Technology

In the application of medical device processing, the traditional processing method is not suitable for the processing of biomaterials medical devices. In contrast, ultra-short pulse laser micro-processing has the advantages of cold processing, low energy consumption, high accuracy, and strict positioning in 3D space, which has a good application prospect in the processing of medical devices.

Typical Application

Precision marking

Laser marking of paper packaging boxes, plate loading laser marking, PET plastic bottles laser marking, fine marking of surgical instruments

Precision Cutting

Medical packaging material cutting, medical equipment parts cutting, such as various metal sheet and pipe cutting, all kinds of high hard brittle alloy material cutting, etc.

Precision Welding

Laser suture and butt joint, lap joint and spot welding on medical devices.

Customer Income

Medical products are a kind of products that are in direct contact with people, which are closely related to people’s health status and life safety. Laser technology application, it has higher accuracy, faster efficiency, more precise processing, lower carbon and energy saving process, higher yield, lower purchase and operation costs.

Application Case

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