Mobile phone industry

Laser equipment in the processing efficiency, processing accuracy is far better than the traditional equipment,

With the further improvement of the cost performance of laser equipment, it is expected that the penetration rate of laser in domestic smartphone manufacturing will increase significantly,

With the technological progress of the microelectronics industry and people’s pursuit of mobile phone personalization, fine laser marking and processing technology will play an increasingly important role in mobile phone manufacturing.

At the same time, laser is also promoting the development of other microelectronics manufacturing related industries.

Typical Application

In the field of consumer electronics, the common laser applications are: laser precision marking, laser drilling, laser welding,
laser cutting, laser deep marking

Precision marking

Mobile phone shell LOGO logo, panel glass marking, mobile phone button, mobile phone shell, mobile phone battery

Precision Cutting

Sapphire glass laser cutting, camera protection lens laser cutting, mobile phone Home key laser cutting, FPC flexible circuit board laser cutting

Precision Welding

Panel frame welding

Customer Income

Increase the added value of mobile phones

Excellent laser application process, make the mobile phone looks more classy, more conducive to the improvement of product brand awareness

Improve the stability of mobile phone production

The intelligent control system and precise positioning system can ensure the processing yield and consistency of mobile phone products to a greater extent.

Improve the function and design sense of the mobile phone with outstanding beam quality, can meet the needs of the mobile phone fine processing, make the mobile phone components become more compact, more delicate.

Improve the efficiency of mobile phone production

Simple and flexible operation, high degree of automation, not only simplify the processing process, but also shorten the processing time.

Application Case

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