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CMM Dongguan Exhibition Day 1- Exciting Presentation of Inspection Equipment

As a professional manufacturer of intelligent manufacturing equipment, our company is showcasing 8 new devices at this exhibition, including the latest AI 3D AOI, AI 3D SPI/AI 2D AOI, and post-wave soldering AOI. We are located at booth A4024 in Hall 3 and look forward to your visit.

On the first day of the exhibition, DZ Group provided an exciting presentation of inspection equipment. Here’s what was covered:


The device uses 3D+2D+AI programming and AI intelligent rechecking with deep integration detection technology. It features a 4th generation tower-type light source, a small-angle 4- or 8-channel projection system, and can be equipped with the latest 3.0 AI technology.


The product has true 3D algorithms, a small-angle 2-channel projection system, and high-precision automatic Z-axis module adjustment. It also has a closed-loop control system for printers.


The device features multi-angle light sources, AI deep learning algorithms for one-click programming, and machine vision/AI algorithms for efficient defect detection.

Post-wave Soldering AOI:

Equipped with the latest 3.0 AI algorithms, it can recognize changes in solder joint shape and has fine-grained defect types and classification. It features autonomous learning through self-developed deep learning training platforms and has comprehensive SPC functions.

For more information, please check out the video.

Tomorrow, we will continue to present laser products at our booth, and there will be exciting gifts waiting for you. We look forward to your visit.

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