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CMM Dongguan Exhibition Day 2: Fascinating Presentation of Laser Equipment

As a professional manufacturer of intelligent manufacturing equipment, we showcased eight devices at the exhibition including online laser marking machines, special-shaped plug-in machines, laser depaneling machines, and stencil inspection machines. You can find us at booth A4024 in Hall 3.

On the second day of the exhibition, the DZ Group presented an impressive demonstration of laser equipment, including:

Special-shaped plug-in Machine

This high-speed machine comes with a 5 megapixel industrial camera that supports multi-shot and multi-image stitching. The combination of laser and LED light sources ensures high stability, precision, and intelligence.

Laser Depaneling Machine

This machine supports various applications in offline, online, single-platform double-platform, UV, green light, nanosecond, picosecond, and other scenarios. The minimum PCB size is 0.8*0.8mm.

Stencil Inspection Machine

This machine accurately detects defects such as deviations in the opening, precision, shape, porosity, pore count, area error, and burrs on the edge.

Online Laser Marking Machine

This machine is equipped with a new-generation stable and reinforced integrated casting platform, which provides high rigidity. The entire series supports CO2, UV, green light, and fiber lasers.

To learn more about these devices, you can click the video link for a visual demonstration.

Tomorrow is the last day of the exhibition, DZ Group is looking forward to your visit

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