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Dezhong 3D AOI equipment is based on 3D+2D detection technology and equipped with AI intelligent algorithms, which provides strong technical support in intelligent fast programming, improving detection pass rate, and AI re-judgment. The AI gold finger detection function ensures accurate identification of fine parts of the gold surface. With the support of Dezhong Intelligence’s leading AI algorithm, Dezhong has achieved cornering overtaking in the technical competition of industrial testing equipment.

Dezhong 3D AOI is equipped with 12 million and 21 million pixel high frame rate cameras and a third-generation 3D projection head, allowing each FOV to complete the detection task in just 0.4 seconds; Dezhong 3D AOI is equipped with four sets of 3D projections The system, combined with the German-Chinese fourth-generation tower light source, solves the industry’s problems in dealing with high-reflective components, Mini/Micro LEDs, and IGBT gold wires, ensuring accurate detection every time.

SMT AI 3D AOI Equipment

SMT AI 3D AOI Equipment It is mainly used in SMT (Surface Mount Technology) production lines to conduct efficient and accurate quality inspection of electronic components, PCB boards, etc. SMT AI 3D AOI Equipment can automatically process and analyze images and identify various subtle defects and anomalies, such as poor solder joint connections, misaligned components, missing components, etc.

Side camera AI 3D AOI

Side camera AI 3D AOI combines side-view cameras and artificial intelligence technology to provide highly accurate three-dimensional defect detection solutions for electronic manufacturing and assembly processes. This device captures side images of components or products through side-viewing cameras and uses AI algorithms for image analysis and processing to achieve accurate identification of subtle defects.

Underfill 3D AOI

Underfill 3D AOI  is a device based on optical principles to detect common defects encountered in welding production. AOI is a new type of testing technology that is emerging, but it is developing rapidly. Many manufacturers have launched AOI testing equipment.


IGBT AOI is an automatic optical inspection equipment specially used to detect the quality of IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) modules. As a key component in the field of power electronics, IGBT modules are widely used in inverters, electric vehicles, wind turbines, solar panels and other fields, so the detection of their quality is crucial.


WEBER 3D AOI is an advanced inspection equipment that combines high-precision three-dimensional imaging technology and advanced image processing algorithms. This equipment is specially designed for all-round inspection of electronic components, PCB boards and other electronic parts, ensuring that the quality of products on the production line reaches the highest standards.


AI FPC/SMT AVI is an automatic visual inspection equipment for flexible printed circuit boards and surface mount technology that combines artificial intelligence technology. It is specially used for efficient and accurate quality inspection of products on FPC and SMT production lines.

Off-line AOI

Off-line AOI, that is, offline automatic optical inspection equipment, is a device based on optical principles to detect common defects encountered in welding production. It is not directly connected to the SMT production line and uses manual work to place boards for inspection. Therefore, it has a lower cost and is currently widely used in the market.

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