FPC Laser Equipment

FPC Laser Equipment is an advanced equipment that uses laser technology for flexible printed circuit board manufacturing. The equipment is widely used in the electronics and semiconductor industries due to its high efficiency, precision and flexibility. The working principle of FPC laser equipment is to use the laser beam to scan the surface of FPC, and directly destroy the molecular bonds on the surface of flexible materials through high-energy laser to achieve the purpose of removing material, thereby realizing the processing needs of FPC cutting, window opening, drilling and so on. . This “cold working” method has the advantages of small heat-affected zone, smooth processing edges, and the lowest degree of carbonization, ensuring the best quality of processed FPC products.

Offline Laser Depaneling Machine

  • Direct data-driven, fast import, rapid product switching
  • Laser replaces molds, processes on demand, and breaks through mechanical limits
  • Precise laser control, process integration, and equal emphasis on precision and efficiency
  • Modular design and assembly, compact structure, easy expansion and maintenance
  • The operation is simple and fast, guided operation, and quickly introduced into production

Online Laser Depaneling Machine

  • Maximum size of PCB : 350 * 350mm
  • High performance cost ratio
  • Compact structure & carry a variety of lasers
  • Thermal precision control
  • Sealed light path
  • Optional rail delivery device
  • High speed and high precision
  • Easy operation

Precision Laser Cutting Machine

  • Self-developed data handling software–CircuitCam7.5 Pro
  • Self-developed equipment driving software–DreamCreaTor 3
  • Solid structure exquisite, stable and reliable, high speed
  • Simple and convenient operation
  • Solve a variety of supply and processing problems easily
  • After-sales service,technical support and training 24-hour hotline

Laser Drilling Machine

  • High precision, high efficiency;
  • Compact structure;
  • Sealed optical path;
  • Coaxial camera;
  • Automatic open and close (can be switched);
  • Access to carry different lasers;
  • Roll to roll, roll to piece, piece to piece, full automatic processing;
  • Forward platform, convenient manual or automatic loading and unloading;
  • Chiller, industrial computer can be drawn from the front, the front door and back door can be opened and easy to maintain.

Ceramic Drilling Machine

  • High-power, long-life fiber laser head
  • Adopt the high-speed rotary drill head / punch head
  • Easy processing of round holes, special-shape holes
  • No jagged line, double-sided line
  • With graphic precision penetration
  • Ceramic substrate punching, marking and cutting

Roll to Roll Cutting Machine

  • Integrated roll-to-roll (RTR) automatic loading and unloading system, compact and efficient structure, which can meet the industrial mass production and automatic production needs, while being compatible with roll-to-sheet, single-piece manual processing.
  • UV ultrafast laser cover film peel off
  • Pi film peeling off after precision pressing
  • Peeling off after curing the welding oil ink
  • Circulating feeding device
  • Automatic rolling / cutting material

Roll to Piece Cutting Machine

  • Full digital scanning optical circuit system, fully enclosed structure:
  • Full closed-loop control of linear motor, high-speed and high-precision gantry dual-drive motion system
  • Meet the flight processing mode with higher speed and higher precision:
  • Optional flight processing configuration to improve processing speed and accuracy.
  • Meeting high requirements of coaxial CCD / CMOS positioning system

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