AI AOI (Pre wave soldering)

  • World’s first AOI without settiing parameters
  • 10 minutes rapid programming
  • Core advantage
  • The system assists create template rapidly , without setting any parameters, one key intelligent search more than 80 kinds of equipment
  • No need to set parameters; Easy operation.
  • Online capture the first board system assisted to edit the program, high proportion of automatic block diagram
  • Support continuous complementary learning, higher proportion of automatic modeling after learning (80%+)
  • Support to customize the model name according to customer requirements
  • Support quick change of work order number
  • Support batch copy, paste, cut, delete and other shortcut key operations
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Product Application

Detection items

Before the furnace, plug-in PCBA eror, leakage, reverse, excess, skewed and other defects detection, such as: industriacontrol, large appliances, small appliances, computers, power supplies, electric power, automotive electronics, medicaelectronics, routers, instrumentation, audio, set-top boxes and so on.

Application effects

Remote Control

Technical Parameters


    Alpha Z400-U


Provide real-time and practical statistical analysis data, and provide various statistical analysis maps (ID error frequency, name error frequency, pass-through rate, etc.)


Support traceability according to bar code, QR code, equipment model, time. Support MES system connecting,real-time output

Multiple machine-based collinear production

Support 6 equipment models at the same time going through the workline, program automatic call

Multi-panel detection

Real-time output of the whole board test results, the same model of different treatment equipment spacing changes can be normally mixed test

Remote Control

The same equipment can remotely operate multiple equipment in different workshops or different production lines

Alternative material added

Add a subtemplate and add substitutes

Barcode identification

Support for mainstream barcode recognition

NG board stop line function

Support assembly line start-stop control, software control, no running lights, and customers can freely specify the stop board position of bad products

Multi-station display

Support for multistation display

Voice broadcast

Support multistation and custom voice broadcast content

Communication mode

Support for standard interface and customized interface

Remote debugging / offline programming

Support customer offline programming, customer remote control, remote debugging

Displays of bad products

Listen, defective sound prompt;

Look, defective floating chart;

Focus, red frame for defective products




Floor Type

Inspection Method

Convolutional neural network, advanced deep learning models, computer vision, graphics and image processing

Program Editing

Within 15 minutes

Program Debugging Time

Within 15 minutes

Minimum Measurable Component

L*W   25*5mm

Detection Speed


Minimum Size of Measurable Circuit Board

L*W   50*50mm

Maximum Size of Measurable Circuit Board

Width: 400mm, Length: no limited

Width: 750mm,Length: no limited (Optional)

Camera Resolution

2000W or 1200W color

According to different environments

Pixel Size

2.4um (2000W color);3.45um(1200W color)

Install Method

Floor type embedded production line installation, no need to change the assembly line, fast and convenient

Equipment Accuracy

2000W,Distance: 300mm,Accuracy: 66um



Operating System

Ubuntu 19.2 LTS 64bit

Control System

Host computer control


CPU: Intel i5 9 generation  

GPU Graphics Memory:6G or 8G

Memory / storage:16G DDR4/2T





Power consumption


Temperature / Humidity

Working Temperature 0-45℃

20%–80%RH No condensation


130KG  (Different configurations vary slightly)

Appearance Size

L*W*H  702*661*1440mm

(Note: The above length does not include the 566mm display, and the expansion distance of the display support is 320mm- -650mm)


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