Ceramic Drilling Machine

  • High-power, long-life fiber laser head
  • Adopt the high-speed rotary drill head / punch head
  • Easy processing of round holes, special-shape holes
  • No jagged line, double-sided line
  • With graphic precision penetration
  • Ceramic substrate punching, marking and cutting
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Product Application

Why choose ceramic laser

Ceramics are an important raw material in micro and precision instrument technology, such as in the manufacture of electronic components, it is indispensable. The demand for raw materials is increasing, requiring higher hardness and thermal stability. As the hardness of ceramics increases, they become more fragile, so it is difficult to process them by traditional processing methods. In order to avoid parts weakening due to cracks and stresses, low speed is needed in mechanical processes. The die wears fast, and in most cases requires tedious follow-up work. Compared with this, laser processing has obvious advantages.

Drilling/Cutting section/Pulse Condition

After Processing

Technical Parameters

Ceramic Drilling MachineM5
ApplicationHigh-speed drilling, cutting and cutting of ceramic materials
Processing head typeDefault rotating head
Laser headCustom by DZ Group
Laser wave length1070nm
Maximum processing area380*270mm
X/Y/Z Axis itinerary430*480*50mm
X/Y maximum speed25m/min
X/Y Axis moving resolution0.1μm
X/Y Axis motor typelinear motion actuator
Repeat positioning accuracy≤3μm
Platform structuremarble
Safety protectionFully enclosed hood
CameraDual high-resolution camera
Camera light sourceDiffuse light source
Camera target alignmentYes
Cooling SystemWater-cooling
Loading and unloading systmeYes
Industrial vacuum systemYes
Monitor17 Inch
Operating SystemWin7
Stabilized voltage supplyOptional 7.5KW or 15KW
Data processing softwareCircuit CAM 7 LaserPlus
Equipment operation softwareDreamCreaTor 3
Receive data formatLMD,Standard Gerber (RS-274-D),Expand Gerber (RS-274-X),DXF,Excellon,Sieb & Meier,HP-GL,Barco DPF,ODB++
Source380VAC / 50Hz / 6KW (including accessories 1.5KW)
Air supplyCompressed air, oxygen or other gas is required, according to the material and process requirements
Working environment22℃ ±2℃, humidity <60%

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