DIP AI AOI Equipment (Pre wave soldering)

Incorporated seamlessly with advanced AOI equipment, the DIP PCBA AI Machine is meticulously engineered for thorough plug-in inspections conducted prior to the soldering process. This strategic integration serves as an essential quality control measure, ensuring that a wide array of potential defects, including errors, leakages, reversals, overdoses, and skewing, are swiftly pinpointed and rectified.

What truly sets our system apart is its unparalleled efficiency in template generation. Gone are the days of cumbersome manual parameter adjustments. With a single click, the machine initiates an intelligent search across an extensive array of equipment, spanning more than 80 distinct types. This streamlined process not only expedites the inspection procedure but also guarantees a comprehensive and meticulous examination of every component.

This harmonious integration of AOI equipment with our DIP PCBA AI Machine fosters a seamless and highly productive workflow. This ensures that any potential issues are identified and resolved promptly, minimizing disruptions and optimizing the overall manufacturing process.

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Product Details

No need to set parameters, 10 minutes rapid programming

1、No need to set parameters: Easy operation.

2、Online capture the first board system assisted to edit the program.high proportion of automatic block diagram.

3、Support continuous complementary learning, higher proportion ofautomatic modeling after learning (80%+).

4、Support to customize the modelname according to customer requirements.

5、Support quick change of work order number.

6、Support batch copy, paste, cut, delete and other shortcut key operations.

Intelligent assist creating template

1、The system assists create template rapidly , without setting any parameters.

2、One key intelligent search more than 80 kinds of equipment.

Remote debugging/offline programming

Support customer offline programming, customer remote control anddebugging.


1、Support system learning training, the more learning the better effect.

2、Support local learning.

Local detection

Support most of the device body features are the same, only local differences in the device detection.

Application effects

Remote Control

Technical Parameters

Usage ScenariosDetection ScenariosOnline Solder Joint Inspection System for Wave Soldering
Software System Operating SoftwareWIN10(X64)
Detection ItemsShort circuits, copper leakage, pins not protruding, missing components, pinholes, insufficient solder, SMT material body, and soldering issues
special functionDeep Learning Algorithm, Rapid Programming, Customized Model Training, Remote Control
Visual ImagingCamera500W, optional 1000W/1500W
Light SourceRGB or RGBW Integrated Ring Light Source
Photography ModeFlying Probe, 0.1s/Field of View (FOV)
Device Performance Industrial ComputerGPU: High-performance dedicated graphics card Memory: 16GB CPU: High-performance processor Disk: Solid State Drive + Hard Drive Network Card: Independent Gigabit Ethernet port
Monitor22.5-inch LCD Monitor
Mobile StructureLinear Guide Rail + High-Precision Lead Screw + Servo Motor
Environmental RequirementsTemperature: -10~60 degrees Celsius, Humidity: 30%-90%RH, Pressure: 0.4~0.6MPa
Power Supply200V-230V AC 50/60Hz
Upstream and Downstream CommunicationStandard SMEMA Interface
Accessory SpecificationsInspection Dimensions50x50mm-510x460mm
Component Height上120mm,下40mm
Production Line Height750mm±25mm, with cushion block adapting to 750mm-950mm production lines
Maximum Speed800mm/s


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