Laser Soldering Machine

  • Full closed-loop temperature feedback system, synchronous tin feeding mechanism, tin feeding stability, can directly control the temperature of the solder joint, real-time welding temperature curve, to ensure the yield of welding.
  • Laser, CCD, temperature measurement, indicating light four-point coaxial perfectly solves the problem of overlapping multi-optical paths in the industry and avoids complicated debugging.
  • Under the condition of ensuring excellent and good rate, the minimum diameter of welding spot is 0.3mm, and the welding time of single spot is shorter.
  • Single-machine workstation operation, easy to move, also can realize the customized design of automation equipment.
  • Constant solder joint temperature, dynamic control of laser power, can achieve gradient heating function.
  • Using digital algorithm, the control system is stable, accurate and fast.
  • Solder joint temperature 100-600℃ continuous adjustable.
  • The programmable design can independently adjust the parameters for different pads to meet the needs of different materials and sizes of pads.
  • Coaxial CCD camera positioning and processing monitoring system, clearly show the solder joint and timely correct the alignment, ensure the machining accuracy and automatic production.
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Product Application

Brief introduction

Non-contact welding, no mechanical stress damage, small thermal effect. Multi-axis intelligent working platform (optional), can apply a variety of complex precision welding process, adapt to more devices welding.

Applied Materials & Effects

Technical Parameters

Model No.

W Series

Laser Head

Fiber output laser

Laser Power

80W/100W Optional

Fiber core diameter

100um/200um/400um Optional

Power consumption


Minimum focus light


Cooling spot mode

Full air cooling


CCD coaxial positioning

Control mode


Tin wire diameter


Optional tin wire diameter


Power Supply


Motion platform travel

X*Y*Z  200*300*200mm

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