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Precision Laser Cutting Machine

Precision Laser Cutting Machine is a high-precision laser cutting equipment that is widely used in the manufacturing industry for its excellent performance and precise cutting capabilities. Especially in China, as an important R&D and application base for laser technology, China Precision Laser Cutting Machine has become the preferred equipment for the global manufacturing industry.

High Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is the leader in the Precision Laser Cutting Machine series. It uses fiber laser technology, which has higher cutting accuracy and more stable performance. The fiber laser has better beam quality and more uniform energy distribution, making the cutting process more stable and the cutting quality better.

As High Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Suppliers, we have strong R&D and production capabilities and can provide customized solutions according to customer needs. Our products are widely used in automobiles, aerospace, electronics, precision instruments and other fields, and have won widespread praise from customers.

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Product Application

Application Object

Precise metal / Stencil cutting

Applied Materials & Effects

Inner Structure

Technical Parameters


DirectLaser M3

DirectLaser M7


Equipment Structure

Laser head moving, closed dust structure design

Level of safety

Laser Class I

Input power supply


Consumed power

Approx. 3KW

Approx. 3.5KW

Eequipment weight

< 2,000KG

< 2,700KG

Steel sheet fixture

Automatic mesh frame mounting and clamping

Level the net frame

Automatic net frame leveling

Motion control system

ACS Controller

X/Y axis resolution


Camera system

Standard configuration

Control computer

Standard configuration

Equipment Structure

1713 x 1480 x 1585mm

L2020 x W5438 xH2083mm

Laser head

Laser head

200W  IPG  Fiber laser head

Cooling method


Focal length adjustment

Full automatic adjustment


Operating software



Data handling


CircuitCAM 7.5 Stencil PLUS


CircuitCAM 7.5  Stencil PLUS

Moving system

Working platform

Natural granite + steel frame

Driving method

Gantry dual drive

Driving motor

Linear Motor

Transfer accurancy

Cutting range ±2μm

Cutting performance

Minimum opening

30μm   It depends on the thickness of the material

Cutting speed

Up to 15,600 holes/hr

Cutting area

600mm X 800mm

Auxiliary gas

8-10bar oxygen or 16bar compressed air

Thickest sheet of steel



Smoke purifier



Laser marking module



Grinding module



Stencil inspection module



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