A DIP AOI machine, or Dual In-line Package Automated Optical Inspection machine, is a specialized type of equipment used in the electronics manufacturing industry to inspect Dual In-line Package (DIP) components and solder joints on printed circuit boards (PCBs) for defects.

DIP AI AOI Equipment (Pre wave soldering)

Incorporated seamlessly with advanced AOI equipment, the DIP PCBA AI Machine is meticulously engineered for thorough plug-in inspections conducted prior to the soldering process. This strategic integration serves as an essential quality control measure, ensuring that a wide array of potential defects, including errors, leakages, reversals, overdoses, and skewing, are swiftly pinpointed and rectified.

What truly sets our system apart is its unparalleled efficiency in template generation. Gone are the days of cumbersome manual parameter adjustments. With a single click, the machine initiates an intelligent search across an extensive array of equipment, spanning more than 80 distinct types. This streamlined process not only expedites the inspection procedure but also guarantees a comprehensive and meticulous examination of every component.

This harmonious integration of AOI equipment with our DIP PCBA AI Machine fosters a seamless and highly productive workflow. This ensures that any potential issues are identified and resolved promptly, minimizing disruptions and optimizing the overall manufacturing process.

DIP AI AOI Equipment(Post Wave Soldering)

Post Wave Soldering DIP PCBA AI-AOI Equipment bottom type Alpha Z510-D.

Independent design, and strive for the extreme

  • The self-developed movement module operates at a high speed Realize higher UPH to improve plant efficiency.
  • Handle the whole industry’s largest PCB board.
  • The minimum size of the whole industry helps factories to save plant space. (compared to the same specification series of products)

DIP AI AOI Equipment: Advancing Plug-in Inspections for Superior Quality Control

Our DIP AI AOI Equipment seamlessly integrates with advanced AOI systems, specializing in thorough plug-in inspections before the soldering process. Key features include:


  1. Precision Defect Detection: Swiftly identifies errors, leakages, reversals, overdoses, and skewing with exceptional accuracy.
  2. Real-time Analysis: Provides immediate feedback for quick corrective measures, enhancing production efficiency.
  3. Intelligent AI Algorithms: Adapts to evolving production scenarios, ensuring consistent and reliable defect identification.
  4. Seamless Integration: Integrates effortlessly with existing AOI systems, enhancing plug-in inspection without disrupting workflow.


  1. Pre-Soldering Quality Control: Ensures high-quality plug-in components before the soldering process.
  2. Component Verification: Verifies the integrity and correctness of various plug-in parts, preventing defects.
  3. Multi-defect Identification: Covers a range of potential defects, ensuring comprehensive quality control.
  4. Adaptable Environments: Fits seamlessly into diverse manufacturing environments, from high-volume lines to custom electronics production.

Invest in the future of electronics manufacturing with our DIP AI AOI Equipment. Experience unparalleled defect detection, real-time analysis, and intelligent algorithms, setting a new standard for quality control in plug-in inspections. Trust in our commitment to advancing your manufacturing processes with cutting-edge technology and unwavering quality assurance.

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