3C Electronics Industry

With the progress of science and technology, the popularization of the Internet and the improvement of people’s living standards, consumer electronics products such as mobile phones, TV, MP3, computers, tablets, cameras and wearable smart devices are subtly changing people’s lives.

Because of the huge market demand, the consumer electronics industry has maintained rapid growth every year, and involves a wider range of product fields and industries.

Rich new consumer electronics products are showing consumers the new concept of “digital life” from all angles, bringing people a refreshing and comprehensive enjoyment…

Mobile phone industry

Laser equipment in the processing efficiency, processing accuracy is far better than the traditional equipment,

With the further improvement of the cost performance of laser equipment, it is expected that the penetration rate of laser in domestic smartphone manufacturing will increase significantly,

With the technological progress of the microelectronics industry and people’s pursuit of mobile phone personalization, fine laser marking and processing technology will play an increasingly important role in mobile phone manufacturing…

PCB industry

PCB circuit board, also known as printed circuit board, is the provider of electrical connection of electronic components for more than 100 years; the industrial output value accounts for about a quarter of the total output value of electronic components, which is more important in each electronic component segment industry, and the flexible PCB board (FPC) is one of the fast growing sub-industries in the PCB industry. Its design is mainly layout design; the main advantage of using the circuit board is to greatly reduce the wiring and assembly errors, and improve the rate of automation level and labor productivity. As an important electronic connector, PCB is used in all electronic products, and is considered as the mother of electronic system products. Printed electric circuit boards will be used in both large machines or personal computers, communication base stations or mobile phones, household appliances or electronic toys…

Auto and motorcycle hardware industry

At present, 50~70% of the auto parts in European and American developed industrial countries use laser processing technology. There are mainly: laser cutting and laser welding (about 60%), laser drilling and marking (about 19%), laser surface treatment and research and development (about 15%) in recent years, China’s automotive industry laser technology has gradually been paid attention to and promoted, in the project development and economic benefits showed a rising trend. While the process of global automobile intelligence is accelerating, the advanced technologies represented by laser technology are also constantly promoting the upgrading of the automobile manufacturing industry…

Solar photovoltaic industry

Laser is a key technology in the photovoltaic industry as an industrial tool that ensures a low-cost manufacturing process to produce highly efficient solar cells.On the one hand, it improves the process reliability in the production process, and on the other hand, it reduces the production cost…

Biomedical Technology

In the application of medical device processing, the traditional processing method is not suitable for the processing of biomaterials medical devices. In contrast, ultra-short pulse laser micro-processing has the advantages of cold processing, low energy consumption, high accuracy, and strict positioning in 3D space, which has a good application prospect in the processing of medical devices…

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