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It is a latest generation inspection technology that deeply integrates 3D+2D,AI rapid programming,AI “Golden Finger”inspection,and AI intelligent reassessment systems.It has become the best 3D AOI solution.

Body defect detection: Missing component,Offset,Reverse,Polarity,Excessive component height,Side-stand, Tombstoning,Poor solder joint,Solder ball, Oxidation contamination,Foreign object,Scratches,etc
Golden finger and AI detection; Gold surface scratches,Gold surface contamination,Copper leakage,Oxidation,Excess solder,Multiple components,Pre-reflow solder balls.

PCBA AOI Equipment can detect a wide range of defects, including solder joint issues (insufficient or excess solder, solder bridges), component placement errors (misalignment, missing components), solder paste problems, lifted leads, and other anomalies that may affect the functionality or reliability of the PCB.

By automating the inspection process, PCBA AOI Equipment can identify and rectify defects in real-time, minimizing the chances of faulty boards advancing in the production line. This leads to higher production yield rates and reduces the need for manual rework.

PCBA AOI Equipment stands for Printed Circuit Board Assembly Automated Optical Inspection Equipment. It is a technology used in electronics manufacturing to automatically inspect and identify defects or quality issues in assembled PCBs. It uses advanced imaging technology and algorithms to analyze components for issues such as missing or misaligned parts, soldering defects, and other anomalies.

Yes, some advanced PCBA AOI Equipment models offer both 2D and 3D inspection capabilities. While 2D inspection focuses on surface-level defects, 3D inspection provides a depth perspective, allowing for more comprehensive analysis of component placement and solder joints.

Key considerations include the type of defects it can detect, inspection speed, compatibility with specific PCB sizes and designs, ease of integration into existing production lines, and the level of customization and flexibility it offers.

Regular calibration and maintenance are crucial to ensure accurate and reliable performance. The frequency of calibration and maintenance may vary depending on factors such as usage, environmental conditions, and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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