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SMT AI 3D AOI Equipment

3D AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) Equipment can accurately inspect and measure the height dimensions of devices on PCBs, and provide clear side view images of ICs and various devices. When detected automatically, the AOI Equipment automatically scans the PCB through the camera, collects images, and compares the tested solder joints with the qualified parameters in the database. After image processing, the defects on the PCB are inspected and displayed/marked by display or automatic marking. This seamless integration of AOI Equipment into the inspection process enhances accuracy and efficiency, ensuring that manufactured products meet rigorous quality standards.

SMT AI 3D SPI AOI Equipment

The automatic 3D solder paste inspection system is a desktop fully automatic 3D solder paste inspection equipment designed for the SMT process, fully programmable and automatic. With the integration of AOI Equipment, it only takes a few minutes to check the whole circuit board, and the SPC result can be given. One such automatic 3D solder paste inspection system equipment can support multiple SMT production lines. This seamless combination of advanced technologies significantly enhances the efficiency and accuracy of the solder paste inspection process, ensuring high-quality PCB assemblies in the SMT production environment.

SMT AI 2D AOI Equipment

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Introducing our advanced AOI Equipment, featuring an integrated casting molding frame for enhanced stability. This state-of-the-art system boasts a multi-angle light source coupled with a high-resolution camera and telecentric lens, significantly augmenting the detection capabilities. Moreover, it incorporates the latest self-developed AAM absolute precision measuring system, enabling pinpoint accuracy in detecting even the smallest 0201 component solder joints.

In addition, our AOI Equipment seamlessly connects and integrates with MES systems, tailored to the specific requirements of your factory. This integration ensures streamlined and efficient operations. To further bolster quality control, our equipment is equipped with powerful SPC software, offering comprehensive and precise statistical analysis.

To guarantee both speed and precision in motion, our AOI Equipment is equipped with a high-precision motion system. This feature assures rapid yet accurate movements, ultimately contributing to a more efficient and reliable inspection process.

DIP AI AOI Equipment (Pre wave soldering)

Incorporated seamlessly with advanced AOI equipment, the DIP PCBA AI Machine is meticulously engineered for thorough plug-in inspections conducted prior to the soldering process. This strategic integration serves as an essential quality control measure, ensuring that a wide array of potential defects, including errors, leakages, reversals, overdoses, and skewing, are swiftly pinpointed and rectified.

What truly sets our system apart is its unparalleled efficiency in template generation. Gone are the days of cumbersome manual parameter adjustments. With a single click, the machine initiates an intelligent search across an extensive array of equipment, spanning more than 80 distinct types. This streamlined process not only expedites the inspection procedure but also guarantees a comprehensive and meticulous examination of every component.

This harmonious integration of AOI equipment with our DIP PCBA AI Machine fosters a seamless and highly productive workflow. This ensures that any potential issues are identified and resolved promptly, minimizing disruptions and optimizing the overall manufacturing process.

DIP AI AOI Equipment(Post Wave Soldering)

Post Wave Soldering DIP PCBA AI-AOI Equipment bottom type Alpha Z510-D.

Independent design, and strive for the extreme

  • The self-developed movement module operates at a high speed Realize higher UPH to improve plant efficiency.
  • Handle the whole industry’s largest PCB board.
  • The minimum size of the whole industry helps factories to save plant space. (compared to the same specification series of products)


Tính năng sản phẩm

  • Giao diện thao tác đơn giản, rút ngắn đáng kể thời gian đào tạo mới
  • Giảm gánh nặng nhân lực kiểm tra trực quan và nâng cao năng lực xử lý
  • Xuất báo cáo sản phẩm để phân tích
  • Giao diện thao tác đơn giản, nâng cao hiệu quả sử dụng
  • Công nghệ phát hiện lấy mẫu cao cấp, phát hiện chính xác các lỗi khác nhau
  • Tìm hiểu phần mềm thiết kế thông minh, cài đặt số lượng vật liệu dễ dàng và nhanh chóng
  • Truyền máy tính để bàn tải lớn, khả năng ứng dụng kích thước bảng mềm / bảng HDI tăng lên đáng kể
  • Chế độ phát hiện đơn / kép nguồn cấp dữ liệu kép, cải thiện tốc độ sản xuất phát hiện
  • Tiêu chuẩn hóa thử nghiệm, giảm đáng kể lỗi của con người
  • Tỷ lệ độ phân giải cao của CCD đầy màu sắc
  • Độ sáng cực cao của đèn LED cung cấp nguồn sáng đa hướng ổn định
  • Khả năng phát hiện và phân tích AI

Máy cắt laser ngoại tuyến

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Introducing our cutting-edge Offline Laser Depaneling Machine, a versatile solution designed to meet a wide array of manufacturing needs. This high-precision machine combines state-of-the-art technology with expert craftsmanship to deliver outstanding results in PCB stencil making, Cricut stencil making, and precision metal laser cutting.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Laser Technology: Our Offline Laser Depaneling Machine employs advanced laser technology for precise and consistent cutting. This ensures exceptional accuracy in stencil making and metal cutting processes.
  2. Versatility for Various Applications: From PCB stencil making to Cricut stencil making, this machine excels in a range of applications. Its adaptability makes it a valuable addition to any manufacturing setup.
  3. Available for Sale: We offer our top-notch laser stencil making machine for sale, providing manufacturers with a reliable and high-performing tool to enhance their production capabilities.
  4. Expertise in Laser Cutting: With a focus on precision, our machine is proficient in creating stencils with intricate designs and fine details. It excels in producing clean, accurate cuts for a variety of materials.
  5. Precision Metal Laser Cutting: In addition to stencil making, our machine is engineered for precision metal laser cutting. It can handle various metals, ensuring clean and precise cuts for diverse applications.
  6. High Precision Fiber Laser Technology: Our machine incorporates high precision fiber laser technology, guaranteeing optimal performance and longevity. This feature sets our machine apart, providing manufacturers with a reliable solution for their cutting needs.
  7. Trusted Supplier Network: As suppliers of high precision fiber laser cutting machines, we have established a reputation for delivering quality equipment. Our network of trusted suppliers ensures that you receive a top-tier product that meets industry standards.
  8. Precision CNC Laser Cutting: Our machine also offers precision CNC laser cutting capabilities, expanding its functionality and making it suitable for a wide range of industries and materials.

Elevate your manufacturing process with our state-of-the-art Offline Laser Depaneling Machine. Whether you require precision in stencil making or metal cutting, this machine is engineered to exceed your expectations. With a network of trusted suppliers, we are committed to providing reliable and high-quality equipment for your manufacturing endeavors. Take advantage of advanced technology and expert craftsmanship with our Offline Laser Depaneling Machine.

Máy khử laser trực tuyến

  • Kích thước tối đa của PCB: 350 * 350mm
  • Tỷ lệ chi phí hiệu suất cao
  • Cấu trúc nhỏ gọn và mang theo nhiều loại laser
  • Kiểm soát độ chính xác nhiệt
  • Con đường ánh sáng bịt kín
  • Thiết bị phân phối đường sắt tùy chọn
  • Tốc độ cao và độ chính xác cao
  • hoạt động dễ dàng

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