CEIA (Hangzhou) Seminar – Empowering the Future of AI+3D Inspection

On July 27th, the CEIA (Hangzhou) Seminar witnessed the convergence of industry experts in Hangzhou. Leading the AI+3D inspection equipment sector, DZ Group showcased its innovative solutions and cutting-edge products at the event. With an array of offerings, including PCBA full-process inspection and intelligent manufacturing solutions for plug-ins, such as 3D AIO, 3D SPI, 2D AIO, and Special-shaped Plug-in Machine, the DZ Group booth attracted a considerable crowd of professionals. Engaging discussions, enlightening presentations, and shared enthusiasm shaped the success of the seminar.

A Flourishing Exhibition:

The DZ Group booth proved to be the center of attention during the seminar. With a diverse range of industry professionals present at the event, our team welcomed the opportunity to introduce and showcase our pioneering AI+3D inspection devices. Attendees eagerly explored our products and services, and we distributed informative brochures to offer comprehensive insights into our offerings.

Insightful Presentations and Engaging Discussions:

At the seminar, DZ Group’s representatives took the stage to deliver captivating speeches that illuminated the company’s vision, accomplishments, and product portfolio. With a deep dive into our technological advancements and the benefits of AI-driven inspection, the audience was captivated and showed immense interest in our solutions. Thought-provoking questions and insightful discussions ensued, fostering an environment of knowledge exchange and collaboration.

Forging Connections and Nurturing Interest:

The seminar provided an excellent platform for networking and building lasting relationships with key players in the industry. DZ Group’s presence allowed us to interact directly with potential clients, partners, and experts, enabling us to understand market needs better and address specific challenges faced by our customers. The event served as a testament to our commitment to advancing the AI+3D inspection field and driving innovation in the industry.

A Successful Conclusion:

As the CEIA (Hanghou) Seminar drew to a close, the enthusiasm and energy exhibited by the participants left us feeling inspired and motivated. We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to connect with industry peers, showcase our solutions, and engage in insightful discussions. With the success of this seminar as a driving force, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming CEIA Xiameng event, where we will continue to push the boundaries of AI+3D inspection technology.



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